Lifestyle Tips That Could Save Your Life

ILife is a gift. It may seem inconsequential but the thing that can help you enjoy longevity is a positive attitude, being grateful for life and living, your family even if they are deceased. They left an indelible memory or impression on your life; they either influenced you to be better than they were and not like they were. Realizing that you belong to someone and something greater than yourself is a positive aspect and will extend your life because it gives you a reason to get up in the morning and face the day with joy. It gives you the assurance that you are not alone. When your finances are compromised think of the fact that on tomorrow it has the capacity to change for the better. Each dawn is the opportunity to start all over again and tomorrow can be better. Every day is an opportunity for something good to happen in your life if you are open to positivist. When you look at the magnificence of the world and the fact that your heart is beating your mind is working it is hope for a better tomorrow.

Another positive aspect is the ability to move, walk, move your limbs even if you have to do it manually is exercise and a way to exercise your heart. Just moving your extremities, doing extensions, walking a block one day, increasing it to two the next and three the next, four the next will increase your strength.

Taking two can goods and doing arm extensions will increase your heart rate, strengthen your biceps, your heart, strengthen your muscles, and lengthen your life. If you don’t have cans simply lift your arms over your head and increase the number of repetitions daily or more than once a day. Do pushups on a wall if you can’t do them on the floor, this will increase your heart rate and upper body strength. Also just jogging in place will increase your heat rate and extend your life. Always get your doctor’s permission before attempting these physical exercises, but most doctors will encourage physical activity and will look at this activity as a good thing.

Finally, interact with others, simply talk to another person, converse, find out about the other person and extend your circle of cohorts and friends. Start to care about others and your life will look a lot better in comparison. Additionally, they may be able to give you advice and encouragement to help you and your situation. Make an effort to be friendly and a friend. Find something good to celebrate in every day, a sunrise, a sunset, a beautiful day, the rain, and the good it does for the earth. Don’t focus on the things you can’t change, seek to make positive changes in your life that will give you the will to live; focus on the things that you do have. Write in a journal all the good things in life, your joys, not the bad things but the good things in life. These tips are sure ways to extend your life and make life more enjoyable Choose to live not to die unhappy.
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